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Who uses OpenImmo
The OpenImmo data standard is mainly used in the german speaking Europe. A lot of other countrys that a next to our borders like denmark, netherlands, belgium, france or luxemburg cooperate with german software vendors or portals. Countys like ungary, italy, spain an others are linked often through vacation rentals and buying processes.

OpenImmo Translation
There will not be a pure english version in the near future. But we provide a translation of the fieldnames in english. This is available for individuals or companys who get a licence key. This includes a registration key to use in the openimmo data. You can order the license here for a one time fee of 100 Euro. (No VAT applys)

What does OpenImmo do?
OpenImmo describes an real estate object in a set of over 300 fields.
It uses the XML Data Format so it can transport all languages using UTF-8. Objects are describes in categuries:
- object categories like house, appartment, condo, businees office, store etc.
- the way of marketing: buy, rent, lease - geografic information line street, zip-code, place ..
- price information for buying and renting, several costs and real-estate-agent fees ...
- information about the square of living, storage, balconi ...
- features in livingroom, bath, house or commercial properties
- tecnnical information about heating, cooling, networks ...
- administration of the building or space
- free text areas
- attachments für images, pdf, video an others
- contact information of the real estate agent a group of "user_defined_extend" fields allow partners the describe ansd transfer infomation that can not be found in the other fields.

In most cases openimmo data is send as a ZIP-Packed file by a software product to an online marketing or service portal. The transfer is mainly done using the FTP protokoll. Transfer using the REST-API is on the way in 2014. User request can be sent form portals back to software tools as an XML Feedback Attachment in an E-Mail.

Download der aktuellen Version


Version 1.2.7b
Seit Juni 2017 gibt es die Version 1.2.7b
Die enthält eine Ergänzung im Energieausweis.

Version 1.2.7
Seit Juli 2014 gibt es die Version 1.2.7
Neuerungen betreffen im Wesentlichen die Daten zur ENEV 2014.

ENEV 2014
Um die zusätzlichen Daten der ENEV 2014 übertragen zu können, gibt es eine aktuelle Handlungsempfehlung.

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